The Planning Commission’s Recommended Draft and support materials are available on the FTP site within the folder “BOCC Packets”. If there are questions please contact Lilith Vespier at 509-667-6586 or Maggie Boles at 509-667-6564.


If you're having difficulties accessing our FTP folder, please refer below:

Microsoft Edge does not fully support FTP.  This is a common occurence and Microsoft have not released a solution to this.  Windows 10 comes with both I.E. 11 and Microsoft Edge (you might need to turn on I.E 11 on your machine).

In I.E. 11, there are settings that we need to turn on to make it work (some instances, doing these steps also made Microsft Edge to work):

a.     Launch Internet Explorer
b.    Click "Tools"
c.     Select "Internet Options"
d.    Open "Advanced" tab
e.    Scan the list and check "Enable FTP folder view"  and "Use Passive FTP"

Recommended work around: Please use alternative browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera as these browsers fully support FTP connections by default without changing any settings.