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The Board of Equalization (BOE) is an impartial citizen board that hears property value disputes and determines assessed value.  The Board is wholly separate and apart from the Assessor’s Office.  The Board is comprised of three Chelan County residents and are appointed by the Chelan County Commissioners. 

Types of appeals may be brought before the BOE:      

  • Change in real and personal property values
  • Denials of senior citizen/disabled persons exemptions 
  • Denials of home improvement exemptions 
  • Decisions regarding historic property 
  • Forest land classification determinations 
  • Current use determinations 
  • Destroyed property determinations

The only thing you can appeal is your current year assessed value.  If you have concerns over the amount of taxes you are paying, you need to take them up with the taxing district officials who determine the budgets for their districts. You can also work for efficiency in government by attending budget hearings and calling or writing the taxing authorities with your concerns and ideas.   Please refer to your local phonebook for contact names and numbers of each taxing district.

Petitions must be filed with the BOE or postmarked on or before July 1st of the assessment year or within 30 days after your notice of value was mailed, whichever date is later.  To protect your right to appeal, we recommend you file a petition while working with an appraiser.  If you are satisfied with the results of your work with the appraiser, the petition may be withdrawn.

There are several ways to get the form: 

  • Download the Real Property appeal packet here  Board of Equalization Appeal Packet. (If your appeal does not fall under this category, please contact the BOE Clerk for the appropriate packet.)
  • Request a form by emailing the Clerk of the Board of Equalization, Susan Ward at
  • Request a form through the mail by contacting the BOE Clerk at (509) 667-6565.  Simply leave your name, parcel number, telephone number and mailing address.

Please send one original signed petition and 4 copies (including all attachments) to:

Chelan County Board of Equalization
400 Douglas St., Suite 201
Wenatchee, WA  98801

You should pay your property taxes when they are due. After your hearing, when the Board of Equalization has made their decision, the County treasurer will notify you of any adjustment to your taxes.

The Clerk of the BOE will notify you about the date, location and time of your scheduled hearing.  The hearing is an informal review that allows the property owners to represent themselves without an attorney.  Both the property owner and the County Assessor will give oral testimony and written evidence to support the value.  The BOE reviews sales evidence submitted by you and the Assessor, and sets a final value.  Keep in mind that the County Assessor, by law, is presumed to be correct.  The burden of proof is on you, the taxpayer, to show that the assessed value is not correct.

The BOE issues a written decision within 45 days of the hearing.  The board can raise, lower or sustain the County assessor’s value.

You may appeal the County board’s decision to the State Board of Tax Appeals.  Your appeal must be filed with the State Board within 30 calendar days of the postmarked date of the County Board’s decision.  You may also pay your taxes under protest and petition the Superior Court for a refund by filing a lawsuit. 

You can contact the State Board of Tax Appeals:


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