Horticultural Pest and Disease Board

Current Projects

Current Projects

1. WSDA Specialty Crop Block Grant Proposal 2014

Apple Maggot Host Reduction


  1. Reduce the Alternate Hosts of Fruit Pests
  2. Reduce External Pest Pressure on Orchards
  3. Perform Research to measure pest movement in response to this habitat manipulation
  4. Evaluate this strategy through time; thus meeting the needs of commercial orchards


Tree fruit is a large economic contributor to Central Washington, and provides employment and income to thousands of people. Fruit from Washington is rightfully Famous worldwide. With increasing demand and production, it is critical to control pests that have the potential to disrupt the sales of fruit in new and established markets.


  1. Collaborative Research and Implementation
  2. Removal of Feral Apple and Black Hawthorn within 1/2 mile radius of test orchards
  3. Three year project to demonstrate strategy
  4. Duplicated in Yakima and Chelan Counties


Each year the cost of controlling “Invasive Pests” continues to rise.  The current management strategy for these Pests is effective yet costly. Reducing Alternative Hosts is a better method of pest management Cost of this strategy is high initially. After 5 years is less costly than sprays. Habitat Manipulation is an effective and more ecologically sound method of pest management.

Anticipated Outcomes

  1. Reduced Pest Population
  2. Reduced Spray Applications
  3. Reduced Apple Maggot Detections
  4. Increased Profitability
  5. Attain/Maintain “Pest Free Status”

During the Growing Season, a prelimi-nary project was performed in multiple locations within Yakima and Chelan Counties. Potential Hosts surrounding fruit orchards were sampled for insect pests by trapping and fruit collection. Fruit samples were taken from Black Hawthorn and Feral Apples.From the Trapping and Fruit Sampling, multiple pests were found within a 1/2 mile radius of commercial orchards.

Apple Maggot Trapline apple maggot trapline

Leavenworth Area Apple Maggot Host Reduction

leavenworth apple maggot host reduction

West Valley Area Apple Maggot Host Reduction

est valley apple maggot host reduction

2. Peshastin Blanket Project

peshastine blanket project

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Last Updated: 01/07/2015 12:12 PM

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