Request for Proposals for the Assistance in the Management of Vacation/Short Term Rentals



Chelan County seeks to retain a qualified consulting firm to provide services in assisting the County with the management of Vacation/Short-term rentals; including existing conditions, impacts, regulations, long-term monitoring through code compliance, public outreach, rental consulting/collection services, and data analysis capabilities.

Qualified consultants will have experience with data collection and analysis utilizing fine-tuned and up to date software systems, web-based and/or mobile registration platform for rental applicants, participation in public meetings, guidance in preparation of code regulations, compliance review, and familiarity with the Washington State Growth Management Act,  Shoreline Management Act, International Building Code,  International Residential Code and  International Fire Code. Consultants will be required to monitor rental websites to identify properties used for vacation and short-term rentals within Chelan County, provide data for code compliance, testify in legal proceedings in relation to code compliance/enforcement, and assist in registering such renters with Chelan County’s future registration and permitting process. Consultants will assist the County in educating the renters and the public on new ordinances and registration processes through public outreach. Consultants will assist the County by providing an avenue for County residents to report short-term/vacation rental issues and concerns.



All proposers shall submit six (6) bound copies of the proposal to Community Development Department by the advertised deadline. It is the proposers’ responsibility to deliver proposals to the specified location prior to the date and time for acceptance. The County is not responsible for lost, misdirected, or submittals delivered after the deadline.

Proposals shall include the following information:

  • A cover letter/statement of interest and introduction indicating the firm’s interest in the project and highlighting its qualifications to perform this project. A summary of firm’s experience in requested service areas and the availability of the firm to complete the work within the stated time period.
  • Request for Proposals, including related experience with similar types of projects and specific qualifications or brief resumes of key team members such as proposed Project Manager, Project Principal, sub consultant firms, etc. arranged in a Team Organizational Chart.
  • A recommended scope of work and description of the methodology proposed to use for each task and anticipated deliverables in conjunction with a fee and cost schedule for services and deliverables.
  • Up to three examples of similar projects.
  • A minimum of three references relating to completed projects like the proposed project with full name, title, address, phone and e-mail addresses.


Click Here for Complete Document and Instructions on Submission of Proposals

Last Updated: 04/16/2019 10:20 AM

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