Pavement Preservation Program

The above map shows work planned for the Chelan County Public Works' Preservation Program for 2018 and 2019. Please note that roads shown in the Preservation Program map are subject to change.

As pavement begins to degrade during its life, cracking forms due to traffic loadings and weather exposure.  These cracks allow water to penetrate the roadway structure and can result in frost action (repeated expansion and contraction caused by the freezing and thawing of water), pavement upheaval and collapse.  Over time this problem increases and the cracking becomes more severe, leading to actual section loss.  This process can be exacerbated by inadequate or thin sub-base that cannot take up the difference, or areas with poor drainage, of which Chelan County has its fair share.  If left untreated the amount of deterioration increases rapidly along with the cost of repair. 

The County uses  a Pavement Surface Condition (PSC) rating on a scale of 1-100 with 0-19 being “Very Poor”, 20-40 “Poor”, 40-60 “Fair”, 60-80 “Good” and 80-100 “Very Good”.  The PSC number is used to define what state that the pavement is within its life and what fix is required.  The goal is to rehabilitate at the time of the least life cycle cost.  This typically happens within the “Fair” zone.  This allows the County to strategize regarding which roads to address during a funding cycle. 

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