Assessor Welcome Message

I would like to start by thanking you for re-electing me as your Chelan County Assessor.  I have made a commitment to keep our office transparent and available to the public, and I intend to promote that concept by continuing the community outreach meetings for value changes, planning more senior citizen workshops and constantly updating and improving the information available on our website.

We continue to fine tune the annual update process and clean up data from the conversion to our new software.  Our staff works hard to make sure our data is as current and accurate as possible.  I appreciate their continued efforts and value the confidence the public has placed in our office.

The market in 2013 was rising is most areas of the county.   The volume of sales has increased, which is a positive sign for our local economy.  As with any market, there will be demand fluctuations in certain areas, resulting in fluctuating market adjustments.  This is normal, and moves around the county as areas reach their saturation values.  One thing to keep in mind as you look at the values on either a Notice of Value or a Tax Statement is that these values are based on sales from prior years.  For example:  Taxes payable in 2014 are based on sales primarily from 2012.  As you can see, even in the annual revaluation process, the data is less than current.    Most if not all of the sales data that is used to value your property can be found on our website database and GIS. 

I want to personally thank you for your patience and understanding while we have adjusted the annual update and mass appraisal process.

It is a pleasure to be able to serve the taxpayers of Chelan County.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at (509) 667-6367 or


Deanna Walter, Chelan County Assessor

What We Do

The Assessor’s office is responsible for determining the value of all taxable real and personal property in the county on a fair and equitable basis, along with maintaining accurate and accessible property information, providing timely and accurate assessments for tax purposes, and a detailed parcel map showing all parcels within the County. Chelan County is now annually updating all properties according to market sales, and continues to do physical inspections of every property on a 4-year cycle. Washington State law requires property to be assessed at 100% of fair market value.

Your property taxes fund state and county services, including roads, transit, schools, libraries, parks, hospitals, fire and rescue, law enforcement, environmental and social services.  Information such as parcel numbers, ownership, tax code areas, and assessed valuations for all property within the county can be obtained on-line through the property search of the Assessor's web site, or by calling the assessor's office during business hours.