Chelan County Flood Control Zone District


New Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan Nears Completion

After a month-long public comment period that ended in early February, Chelan County’s Flood Control Zone District is finalizing its Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan, which will guide the future direction of the district.The following comments were received from citizens and local public agencies during that comment period:

Most recently, Chelan County Flood Control Zone District has issued a Determination of Non-Significance under WAC 197-11-340 for the Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan. Comments on the Comprehensive Plan will be accepted no later than 5 p.m. on Sept. 13, 2017.

The final Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan is expected to go before Chelan County Commissioners in the coming months. Check back on this page for future updates. Or sign up for FCZD updates here.


The major objectives of the CFHMP have been narrowed down to include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Evaluate the risks to public safety and existing development (e.g., critical facilities, infrastructure, and structures) in flood-prone and channel migration hazard areas. Recommend policies, programs, and projects to reduce risks to public health and safety;
  1. Examine alternatives to reduce public infrastructure and extensive private property damage through flood hazard management actions and programs;
  1. Prioritize projects and programs based on the level of risk, benefit and cost effectiveness over the life of the plan or facility, while considering effects on habitat;
  1. Institute a county-wide public education and outreach program to improve flood awareness that includes actions people can take to reduce risks (e.g., flood insurance, flood proofing);
  1. Implement the CFHMP while protecting and maintaining the regional economy.


More Information:

  1. Additional information, such as Interim Guidelines, frequently asked questions and Board of County Commissioners briefings, can be found here.
  2. Ten participatory stakeholder meetings where held between July 2015 and July 2016 to assist the FCZD in developing a draft Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan. Steering Committee meeting agendas and notes are available for review.
  3. The history of the formation of the Chelan County Flood Control Zone District and its accomplishments can be found here.
  4. Questions can be addressed by calling Chelan County Public Works at 509.667.6415.