Road Maintenance

Maintenance District Information


WENATCHEE -- Stemilt Loop Road, from milepost 7.68 to 7.97, will be closed Tuesday, April 18, from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Crews will be replacing a damaged concrete culvert and replacing it with a corrugated metal culvert. Work should be completed in one day. That section of road at this time is down to one lane. Watch Chelan County Public Works on Facebook for updates.



Information regarding maintenance work occurring in the County maintenance districts for the week of April 17, 2017:

District 1 (Wenatchee)

Crews will be replacing a culvert on Stemilt Loop Road. (Read the above road alert for traffic impacts.) Crews also will be monitoring drainage and sloughing issues. If time allows, crews may begin crack sealing on Preservation Roads..

District 2 (Cashmere)

Crews will be ditching in the Monitor area. Motorists should expect flagger-controlled traffic. Crews also will be doing spring cleanup in the Nahahum Canyon and Mission Creek areas. They also will be checking culverts and monitoring for any major drainage issues.

District 3 (Leavenworth)

Crews will be doing spring cleaning and brooming. They also will be brushing and doing pothole repairs across the district.

District 4 (Entiat)

Crews will be removing a cattle guard in Crum Canyon as well as grading there. They also will be patching the upper end of Entiat River Road, from milepost 17 to 25.

District 5 (Chelan) Crews will be monitoring water runoff and potential flooding issues across the district. They also will finish installing a drain pipe on Manson Boulevard. They will finish storm damage brooming and continue spring grading and hand-patching potholes across the district.

Need to find out which Chelan County Maintenance District you live in? Click the link below for the districts map:
Maintenance Districts Map

Snow Plow Priority Routes

Chelan County's snow- and ice-control efforts are prioritized to assure vital access is maintained throughout the County. That means school bus routes and major arterials are top priorities during and after a snow event. Local access roads are plowed only after these roads.

The County has many primitive roads. These include dead end roads that don't have a place for plows to turn around or are inaccessible to snowplows. Some primitive roads are not plowed. Others may need to be left unattended until weather and road conditions allow equipment to get to them safely.

Be aware of what type of County road you live on. If you need clarification, check out the Chelan County Snow & Ice Removal Priorities map below.