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Sandbags available at county public works shops

Posted By: Public Works on March 14, 2017

Sandbag materials are now available for Chelan County residents at county-owned public works maintenance shops.

Residents who have an immediate need for sandbags because of high runoff or snowmelt issues can call the public works maintenance district of which they reside to set up a time to fill and pick up the sandbags.

The free sandbags, paid for by a federal grant awarded to Chelan County Emergency Management, are available to both people living in unincorporated and incorporated areas of the county.

People should bring their own shovels, gloves and other equipment to use when filling the burlap bags with sand. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers offers the following tips for stacking sandbags:

  1. Sandbags stacked in a single row work well in flood areas where there is no streamflow velocity or danger from floating debris, such as logs and tree stumps, or from wave action.
  2. Fill the bag one-half to two-thirds full and leave it untied, folding the open end of the bag under the filled portion during stacking. The untied end should face upstream.
  3. Remember to remove any debris from the areas where bags are to be placed and to fill the low spots first before placing bags the full length of the area to be raised.
  4. Place the bags lengthwise and parallel to the direction of the flow. Partially overlap the bags to form a tight seal. Compact and shape each bag by walking on it.
  5. Single stacks generally are not stacked more than three rows high. Go higher to protect structures such as homes.

Residents in immediate need of sandbags are asked to contact the foreman of their area maintenance district between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday. The foremen can be reached at:

  • Keith Newberry, Wenatchee District (includes Sunnyslope and Wenatchee), at 667-6502 or 509-860-7342
  • Ed Grant, Cashmere District (includes Monitor, Cashmere and Dryden), at 782-2721 or 509-679-2507
  • Dan Mayfield, Leavenworth District (includes Leavenworth, Lake Wenatchee area and Plain), at 548-7272 or 509-860-4712
  • Scott Mitchell, Entiat District, at 784-1175 or 509-630-4775
  • Kermit McClellan, Chelan District (includes Chelan and Manson), at 682-2420 or 509-670-2314

At this time, Chelan County is not experiencing any widespread flooding issues. With weather forecasts calling for more rain and warming temperatures, Chelan County Public Works is reminding the public that the sandbags are available.