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Whispering Ridge Road closed -- local traffic only

Posted By: Public Works on November 01, 2016

With soils slowly drying, there has been no substantial accelerated movement on the slope at Whispering Ridge Road in the last few months, report Chelan County and its consultant, who have been monitoring the slope since April.

Chelan County Public Works is installing new monitors in the area of Whispering Ridge Road to gage groundwater levels over the winter months. The monitors, called piezometers, will measure the presence of groundwater and alert Public Works to any high levels of saturation and any additional monitoring or evaluation that may need to be initiated.

Pavement from the county-owned portion of the road, about a quarter mile long, was removed this fall. The area was then graveled and flattened in preparation for winter and snow plowing.

Whispering Ridge Road remains closed -- local traffic only.