Chelan-Douglas Horticultural Pest and Disease Board

The Chelan-Douglas Horticultural Pest and Disease Board enables the counties to more efficiently control and prevent the spread of horticultural pests and diseases. The Chelan-Douglas Pest Board is granted its authority within Washington State Law 15.09. The Chelan-Douglas Pest Board investigates complaints received on unsprayed, neglected or abandoned vegetation. This can be anything from a single backyard tree to commercial orchards. The Chelan-Douglas Horticultural Pest and Disease Board Department is directed by a manager appointed by the board of representative, four representatives from each county.

Mission Statement

To eradicate infested fruit trees that threaten commercial orchards and work with the public to keep back yard fruit trees free from pest infestations.

Backyard Fruit Trees and their Pests

Quarantine Pests: Two horticultural pests considered quarantine level pests are apple maggots and cherry fruit flies. When these pests show up in back yard trees and orchards the tree fruit industry is compelled to contain and control them to protect their shipping infrastructure.

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