Services and Fees

The Camp Provides

  • 25 Trailers 8 people/Trailer
  • 30 tents 6 people/ tent
  • Showers with hot and cold water for men
  • Restrooms with hot and cold water for men
  • Shower/ Restroom with hot and cold water for Women
  • Family Kitchens and Single Kitchens (propane)
  • Laundromat-washer and dryer coin operated
  • Large Garbage Disposal
  • Kids' playground
  • Parking Lot
  • Soccer Field
  • Public phones
  • Access to social services On site security service


Camp Fees/Admission

  • Picture ID is required to register
  • Fee PER DAY: $7.00 per single (over 18), $15.00 per couple, and $20.00 per family
  • Checks are only accepted from register growers
  • Rent is to be pre-paid every Monday
  • FARM WORKER HOUSING reserves the right of admittance