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Entry Level Field Deputy

Department: Chelan County Sheriff's Office
Job Type: Full Time
Salary: $ 6,582.01 - $ 6,582.01 / Monthly  
Posted: January 01, 2024
Application Deadline: Position open until filled.

Job Location

Chelan County Sheriff's Office 401 Washington St #1 Wenatchee, WA 98801


2024 Starting Salary $6,582.01

Written and physical ability testing for entry level field deputy is done on a continuous basis through Public Safety Testing, go to for testing schedule. After completing the written and physical ability test with Public Safety Testing entry level applicants must complete the Chelan County Employment Application and Civil Service Supplemental Application. prior to being eligible for oral boards.

Performs law enforcement, crime investigation, and crime prevention work. Primary responsibility is for the protection of life and property through enforcing statutes and laws.


Work is performed independently in accordance with departmental policies, rules, standard practice and established precedent. Incumbents work under infrequent supervision. Work involves an element of personal danger and the authority to use deadly force as necessary. Duties normally consist of patrol and traffic activities in the county on an assigned shift in a patrol car, on a bicycle, or on foot and answering calls for service. Duties include investigation of crimes and traffic collisions. Patrol Deputies work assigned cases from preliminary investigation stage until logical conclusion. Deputies may be delegated assignments in specialized areas such as major investigations, training, or officer-in-charge in the absence of a Sergeant. Work involves an element of personal danger and Deputies must exercise individual judgment and discretion in meeting emergencies and enforcing ordinances and laws.


Knowledge of the principles and practices of modern police work and the laws governing arrest, custody of prisoners, search and seizure and rules of evidence.

Knowledge of patrol procedures, criminal investigation techniques, criminal identification and records maintenance.

Ability to cope with a wide variety of situations with tact, discretion, courtesy and respect for citizen's rights.

Ability to prepare written reports in an accurate, comprehensive, timely and legible manner.

Ability to follow verbal and written instructions.

Ability to speak effectively to individuals and groups.


Applicants for the position of Deputy must:

  1. Graduation from standard high school, or GED

  2. Must be 21 years of age at date of hire

  3. College degree preferred, but not required

  4. Ability to read and write the English language,

  5. Successfully completion of the civil service examination for patrol Deputy.

Duties and Responsibilities

Essential functions are fundamental job duties.  They do not include marginal tasks which are also performed but are incidental to the primary functions.  The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment to the position, nor does every position allocated to the class necessarily perform every duty listed.  Personal characteristics required of all employees such as honesty, industry, sobriety and the ability to get along with others, are presumed qualities and may not be listed specifically.

Promote and implement the philosophy and practices of Neighborhood Oriented Policing;

Engages in preventive patrol to determine the existence of actual or potential troublesome crime related situations.

Conducts investigations regarding possible law violation, obtaining and verifying factual information from involved persons; interacts with families of suspects, victims, or offenders to obtain and provide information; acquires and protects all evidence including recording observed and verbally reported data in relation to possible crime related violations; verbally interacts with witnesses and victims, suspects, and offenders to obtain information.

Determines existence of probable cause, identifies, and takes suspects and offenders into physical custody; conducts examinations of persons, vehicles, premises, or areas to determine the presence of individuals or illegal activities or articles; takes necessary steps to locate, identify, and impound property taken from rightful owners; takes suspect or offender into custody and delivers them to appropriate confinement location, maintaining security and safety of individuals being moved from one place to another; transfers or accepts custody of suspects or offenders and participates in completion of required jail intake procedures.

Is assigned an active case load requiring follow-up investigations and continues with assigned investigation, unless relieved of the case by a supervisor, until the investigation leads to a logical conclusion.

Initiates public service activities and responds to requests from persons for information and assistance; seeks to resolve disputes between family members and disputes between two or more persons; controls small or large groups of people involved in potential or actual disturbance situations including civil disorders; meets with citizen groups in programs directed toward understanding of law, crime prevention, and the criminal justice system.

Interacts in a professional and respectful manner with Sheriff’s office staff and the public.

Provides assistance to the public in emergency and non-emergency situations. Administers first aid and requests medical service. Performs crisis intervention in sensitive situations such a family dispute. Provides general information to the public on laws and ordinances. Assists persons with complaints and inquiries or directs them to the appropriate authorities.

Patrols assigned geographical areas in the County by car or on foot or other means to aid in preventing crime and to enforce federal, state, and county criminal and traffic laws and regulations.

Observes, reports and acts on conditions conducive to crime and danger.

Reports traffic hazards and directs pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow when necessary; disburses unruly crowds at public gatherings.

Takes command at scene of crime or accident until relieved by a commanding Deputy; administers first aid and requests medical service as necessary; takes statements, interviewing victims and witnesses; assesses situation and determines appropriate response; records vital information regarding causes and circumstances, including taking photographs and measurements; documents evidence.

Detains physically law violators or those who may be resisting arrest as required. Activity may require physically subduing suspect, moving through heavy underbrush and trees, jumping fences, climbing onto or into buildings. Activity may require using deadly force to protect self or others.

Conducts investigation assignments of suspected illegal activity or follow-up investigations of criminal cases; may also conduct specialized investigation in areas of vice, narcotics and sex offenses; may be assigned to detective, traffic, jail or field training duties.

Prepares criminal cases for prosecution with the County Prosecutor; interacts with prosecutors, attorneys and court officials; testifies in court as required.

Provides general information on laws and ordinances; explains process of filing a formal complaint; directs citizens to appropriate authorities as necessary.

Serves and enforces civil process issued by the courts to include restraining orders, orders for protection, no contact orders, anti-harassment orders, and subpoenas; serves arrest and search warrants.

Attends meetings, seminars, and other training classes to maintain current up-to-date knowledge of criminal and civil laws, as well as technical skills in order to remain proficient in the performance of duty; may be called upon to train other employees.

Prepares and writes a variety of reports and records, such as reports on arrest, property impounded, accidents, offenses, damages to property, and results of investigations.

Assists in receiving, searching, booking, and supervising prisoners; assures that prisoners receive fair and reasonable treatment; provides food and medical care as necessary; performs jailer duties as required.

Assures that all equipment used is maintained and operating properly.

Prepares material to present to training sessions for Deputy or other persons as required including schools, businesses, private citizen groups, etc.

Investigates and inspects persons or businesses for compliance with County ordinance requiring licenses.

Supervises and directs dispatch and correction personnel in the absence of a Sergeant, or higher-ranking Deputy.

Performs all of the duties of the Corrections Service Deputy in his/her absence as described in the Corrections Service Deputy job description.

Additional Information


  • 12 Paid Holidays
  • 8 Hours each of annual and sick leave accrued per month
  • 8 Hours of Kelly Time accrued per month for 12 hours shifts
  • Medical, Dental Insurance – County Pays Premium for Employee
  • County paid Teamsters Retiree’s Welfare Trust
  • Optical $350 Reimbursement per year
  • VEBA Monthly County Contribution
  • Longevity Pay at 10, 15, 20, and 25 years
  • Longevity leave Bonus at 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years

Specialty Teams – Up to 4% Incentive Pay

  • Search and Rescue; Swift Water Rescue; Air Support Unit; Marine Patrol Unit; Honor Guard; K-9; High Angle Tope Rescue Team; S.W.A.T.

Education Incentive

  • AA Degree – Additional 2% of base salary per month
  • Bachelor Degree – Additional 4% of base salary per month

Certified Instructor and Special Roles

  • Certified Instructor Pay: Additional 2% of base salary per month
  • Field Training Officer: Additional 8% for hours worked in classification per month

Other Potential Wage Opportunities

  • Night Shift Differential: Additional 4% of base salary per month
  • Bi-Lingual: Additional 2% of base salary per month

Written and physical ability testing for Entry Level Field Deputy is done on a continuous basis through Public Safety Testing, go to for testing schedule.  After completing the written and physical ability test with Public Safety Testing entry level applicants scores will come directly to Chelan County Civil Service Chief Examiner for review.

Must be aware of automatic disqualifiers; prior to being consider for employment with Chelan County Sheriff's Department.  

To apply:


Chelan County Civil Service - Human Resources
400 Douglas Street, #201
Wenatchee, WA 98801

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