District completes 2018 Progress Report

Posted By: Flood Control Zone District on February 04, 2019

District completes 2018 Progress Report image

In 2017, Chelan County’s FCZD Board of Supervisors adopted a Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan (CFHMP), which recommends regional policies, programs, and projects to reduce the risk to people and property from river flooding, alluvial fans and channel migration in Chelan County.

During the development of the CFHMP, a steering committee was assembled that oversaw the creation of the plan and made recommendations on key elements of the plan, including the maintenance strategy. The principle role of a steering committee in the plan’s maintenance strategy is to review the annual progress report and to provide input to Chelan County’s FCZD on possible enhancements to be considered to ensure the CFHMP remains an active and relevant document.

With that said, the FCZD has prepared the 2018 Annual Progress Report for your review.  A few highlights on what the FCZD has accomplished this past year include:

90% design on additional debris basins in Number 1 Canyon

30% design on Slide Ridge retrofit (the FCZD received $1.3 million in construction funding from FEMA)

60% analysis on the Number 1 Canyon drainage

Community Rating System (CRS) audit

Funding for O&M of seven emergency alert rain gages

Updated website

Public education and outreach to residents within the 100-year floodplain

Cashmere Levee Maintenance Plan