Frequently Asked Questions - Prosecuting Attorney

How does someone make a complaint or file a crime report?

Call law enforcement. For crimes occurring within the city limits of Wenatchee, contact the Wenatchee Police Department (509-888-4200). For crimes occurring outside the city limits of Wenatchee, but still within the boundaries of Chelan County, contact the Chelan County Sheriff's Office (509-667-6851).

How is a restraining order filed?

Information on how to file a restraining order is available in the Chelan County Clerk's Office (509-667-6380, or go to the Clerk's Web page by clicking on the County Home link at the top left corner of this page).

Where should people go to get legal advice on personal matters?

They should contact a private attorney.

Where should people go to get advice on what to do about a potentially criminal situation?

The Prosecutor's Office cannot give advice. Citizens should contact a law enforcement agency or an attorney if they wish to file criminal charges or need advice in this area.

Does the Prosecutor's Office provide copies of police reports?

No. Reports are obtained through the affected law enforcement agency.

How can someone find out about days and times of court calendars?

That information is available through the County Clerk's Office.