Victim Witness Program

Case Status: The Chelan County Victim/Witness Unit will notify victims and survivors of victims when felony charges are filed, and of trial and sentencing dates. A 1989 constitutional amendment provides for notification of other court proceedings upon request of the victim. Such a request should be in writing. Included in the initial packet of information sent to a victim or survivor is a form where you can indicate your desire to be notified in advance of all hearings. You may also download this form from this website in the section entitled Victim/Witness forms. That form, when completed, should be sent to the:

Chelan County Victim/Witness Unit
P. O. Box 2596
Wenatchee , WA 98807-2596

How a Case is Prosecuted: Explanation of and orientation to the criminal justice process.

Community Resources: Referral to community resources and agencies which can help with short term crisis or provide long term assistance. See the section listing Community Resources.

Crime Victims Compensation: Assistance in filing for Crime Victims Compensation (CVC) benefits through the Department of Labor and Industries. These benefits are available only to victims that suffer physical or mental health injuries as the result of a criminal act, or if you are a family member of a homicide victim, you may apply for benefits. The CVC program does not pay for property crimes. For more information on this program, please contact CVC.

Restitution: Assistance with determination of financial loss for restitution in felony cases. The Victim/Witness advocate will provide the information to the Court so that if found guilty of the crime, the defendant will be ordered to pay restitution to the victim for their loss as a result of the criminal act.

Victim Impact Statement: Victims of crime have a right to describe to the court the impact the crime has had on their lives. The Victim/Witness advocate will assist you, if needed, in preparing and delivering a Victim Impact Statement to the Judge, Prosecuting Attorney handling the case and the defense attorney.

Advocacy: When requested, attend court hearings and interviews with the victim or witness. The advocate will be available to lend support as the victim or witness progress through the criminal justice system.