Boundary Review Board

Review Process

Upon submittal of the Notice of Intention, the Board will:

1. Ensure the application is complete.
2. Prepare a staff analysis of the proposal.
3. Circulate the Notice of Intention to other affected governments and agencies for a 45-day comment period. (If a proposed annexation is less than 10 acres and less than $2 million in assessed valuation, the Board chairman may waive the 45-day waiting period.)
4. Review the Notice of Intention at a Board meeting to determine compliance with:

Boundary Review Board Objectives (RCW 36.93.180)

Boundary Review Board Factors (RCW 36.93.170)

Chelan County Comprehensive Plan

5. Take action to approve, deny or modify the application.


Action by the Board may be administrative, or there may be a public hearing. A public hearing is required if jurisdiction is invoked. A public hearing can be requested by the following means:

Request of the applicant

Request by three members of the Board

By any governmental unit affected by the action, or the Board of County Commissioners

Petition signed by 5% of the registered voters residing within the area being considered for the proposed action

Petition by the owner or owners of property consisting of 5% of the assessed valuation within such area

Petition by 5% of the registered voters who deem themselves affected by the action and reside within a quarter mile of the proposed action, but not within the jurisdiction proposing the action, and the majority of the Board members concurs


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