Probation and Court Services


Intake probation counselors assist the juvenile judge or court commissioner by gathering relevant information, making recommendations, and facilitating the court process. These staff work with the parents of offenders to make sure that they understand court procedures and know when their child's next hearing will be held.


After sentencing, each child is assigned to a supervision counselor who meets regularly with him to make sure that all of the conditions of probation are followed. These conditions may include school attendance, restitution to victims, community service, and treatment or counseling to help the child avoid future criminal behavior. Probation staff also work closely with the youth's parents, employers, and school officials.

If a youth violates his probation conditions, the supervision counselor can schedule a hearing before the judge to request a sanction. Each violation of probation is punishable by up to 30 days in detention.


Probation counselors also oversee the Diversion program. Under this statewide program, minor/first offenders are given the opportunity to avoid going to court by entering into a diversion contract. The terms of this contract may require the youth to pay restitution to the victim, attend school, perform community service work, and attend counseling sessions or classes designed to help the youth stay out of trouble. Upon successful completion of this diversion agreement the case is closed. No probation or detention time is imposed. Diversion youth who stay out of trouble may have their diversion records sealed or destroyed.

Contact: Gary Smith, Probation Manager
Phone: (509) 667-6594