Request for Qualifications and Proposals: SEPA Environmental Impact Statement for Mission Ridge Master Planned Resort Expansion


Chelan County Natural Resources Department
Request for Qualifications and Proposals
SEPA Environmental Impact Statement Preparation for
Mission Ridge Master Planned Resort Expansion

Deadline: May 19, 2021 – 5:00pm

The Chelan County Natural Resources Department (CCNRD) is seeking proposals from qualified firms to conduct State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) mandated review of a proposed master planned resort and expansion to Mission Ridge (project), subject to applicable State law (RCW 43.21C and WAC 197-11) and Chelan County Code (CCC 13.04).

Description of Proposed Project: The applicant, Tamarack Saddle, LLC, is proposing a Master Planned Resort (MPR) expansion to the existing Mission Ridge Planned Development as regulated by Chelan County Code (CCC) 11.89. The original MPR was approved in 1987 and was modified in 1988 and 1995. These documents are available on request. The current MPR request, if approved, will allow 621 condominiums, townhouses and duplexes, 275 single-family dwellings, 110,000 square feet of commercial space, a 57-room lodge facility, 80 employee housing units, several operations and maintenance buildings, and all associated infrastructure developed through five phases over a 20-year time frame. The applicant proposes ground water wells for potable water and Large Onsite Sewage Systems (LOSS) for wastewater.

The project also includes expansion of the existing ski resort and recreation areas on adjacent state and federal land. The expansion would include a new Nordic trail system, tubing hill, bike and walking paths, ski trails, six ski lifts, and a 590-space parking lot. The project would designate a total of 352.5 acres of open space, including 251.2 acres of reserved natural open space. The project proposes a fire break within the open space along the eastern boundary of the developed area including fuels reduction or an early warning system.

Elements of the proposal include significant offsite infrastructure improvements including water, roads, and power. Existing facilities and potential future connection points lie between the existing Mission Ridge Resort, the Columbia River, and the City of Wenatchee. The exact location of the new water, roads, power transmission lines, and substations are unknown at this time. The selected consultant team will assist the County, the applicant, and resource/service agencies in identifying one or more alignments for study in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).

Application materials submitted can be reviewed online at:

The Determination of Significance and Request for Comments has been completed by Chelan County and can be found online at the same location as the application materials.

Required Services:

The scope of this contract is to assist the County, in consultation with the applicant, in completing a DEIS, coordinating the public comment process on the DEIS, reviewing and responding to the public comments received on the DEIS, preparation of the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS), and assisting with any SEPA-related appeals. The selected consultant will:

  • Review existing and historic project-related work and analysis for discussion and consideration in the DEIS
  • Identify information needed to adequately review the scoped impacts/issues at an appropriate level of detail commensurate with the importance of the impacts.
  • Identify studies necessary to gain the needed information and/or direct preparation of those studies. The consultant may subcontract for technical studies as necessary.
  • Prepare a draft DEIS responsive to the Mission Ridge Master Planned Resort Expansion Chelan County File No. MPR2018-128 SEPA Environmental Impact Statement Scoping Summary Status Document, Revised September 21, 2020, for review by Chelan County. Incorporate any County comments and provide a final DEIS for issuance. The DEIS will comply with WAC 197-11-402 and identify and address significant probable adverse environmental impacts and will explain why insignificant impacts are not discussed or are only discussed in summary fashion and explain why more study is not warranted.
  • Plan, coordinate, and participate in one public comment meeting to be held either virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions or in Chelan County.
  • Collate and review public and agency comments received by the County on the DEIS and prepare responses thereto for review by the Responsible Official.
  • Prepare a draft of the FEIS for review by Chelan County. Incorporate any County comments and provide a final FEIS for issuance.
  • Provide assistance as needed related to any SEPA appeals.
  • Assemble the SEPA record.
  • Testify, as needed, at public hearings or public meetings conducted as part of the Master Planned Resort permitting process.

The County retains authority as allowed under SEPA to approve all aspects of the DEIS preparation and SEPA review process. For additional information, please contact Mike Kaputa, Director, Natural Resources Department at 509-670-6935 or by e-mail at

Proposal Submittals and Selection: 

  1. The County offers an optional pre-submittal conference scheduled for May 4, 9:00-10:30 AM, via Zoom ID: 867 3772 6270. The purpose of the meeting is to allow prospective respondents to ask questions of County staff. An applicant representative will be invited. Proposers are highly encouraged to participate but not required to participate to be eligible to propose.
  2. Submit fifteen (15) hard copies and one electronic PDF copy of your SOQ by 5:00 pm May 19, 2021. You can also email the digital copy to: The submitter has full responsibility to ensure the response arrives at the County within the deadline to:

Mike Kaputa, Director

Chelan County Natural Resources Department

411 Washington Street, Suite 201

Wenatchee, WA 98801

  1. No faxed or telephone proposals will be accepted.
  2. All proposals must be in a sealed envelope and clearly marked “Proposal for Mission Ridge Master Planned Resort Expansion SEPA Review”.
  3. Cost of preparation of proposals will be borne by the proposing firm.
  4. Submittals are limited to twenty (20) pages. Curriculum Vitaes (CVs) will not count toward the twenty (20) pages.
  5. Chelan County, in consultation with the applicant, shall award the contract to the firm whose proposal will best serve the interest of the County, taking into account price as well as considerations including, but not limited to, experience, expertise and product functionality.

Minimum Requirements:

The proposal shall include the following information:

  • A narrative stating why your team is qualified to perform the above-described work. Include anticipated time allocation for each participating staff or subconsultant (included by project task).
  • Provide information on project experience of similar projects completed.
  • The consultant’s approach and work plan for providing the required services described in this RFP.
  • The consultant’s cost for providing the required services described in this RFP, by task.
  • A CV of each consultant who will work on the project. Include experience and expertise in conducting SEPA Environmental Impact Statement preparation and review.

Evaluation of Proposals:
The County’s evaluation team will determine which proposal can best serve the County’s objective. The evaluation will focus on, but is not limited to, the following aspects:

  1. Experience and expertise of the firm’s project team in conducting SEPA review and Environmental Impact Statement preparation.
  2. Responsiveness, clarity, and soundness of the approach the firm will employ in conducting SEPA review and Environmental Impact Statement preparation.
  3. Realistic costs that align with the team’s resources and ability to deliver a project on time and within budget.

Proposals will be evaluated and ranked or scored as follows:

Project Team…………. 25 pts
Proposer Resources…… 20 pts
Proposer Approach…… 25 pts
Cost Proposal…………. 30 pts
Total………………… 100 pts


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Last Updated: 04/105/2021 10:35 AM

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