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Facts About Property Taxes

The 1889 state constitution recognized that to be effective, uniformity must apply to both assessments and tax rates. Through every subsequent amendment, uniform assessment has remained a constitutional requirement. In 1973, the Legislature mandated that property be assessed at 100 percent of its market value beginning with the 1975 assessments. Up until the 1930's, property tax was the only major tax that supported most state and local government programs. Today, property tax accounts for about 30 percent of total state and local taxes. It continues to be the most important revenue source for public schools, fire protection, library, park and recreation, and other special purpose districts.

Property tax is a tax that is imposed on persons because of their ownership or possession of property and is measured by the market value of the property.  In Washington State, all real and personal property are subject to tax unless specifically exempted by law.  Property tax was the first tax levied in the state of Washington.

Property taxes in our State are budget based. Each individual taxing district, such as Cities, County, schools, fire, library, ports, etc., decides how much money to levy or budget each year for their regular levies, voter approved levies or both.  Regular levies are limited to a 1% increase annually without going to a vote of the people. There are several different limits on how levies can increase. For more information, check out our section on Levies & Taxing Districts.

Under Washington State Law (RCW 84) taxable property is divided into two classes.  Real property includes land and all buildings, structures, improvements and mobile homes on the land.  Personal property includes machinery and equipment, fixtures, furniture, and other items that are movable in nature, as well as materials used in the operation of a commercial, industrial or agricultural enterprise.  Household goods and personal effects are exempt from property tax.

The Assessor is responsible for assessing the value of all taxable personal and real property for taxation purposes and for mailing out Notices of Values in Chelan County.

The Treasurer is responsible for mailing out tax statements and collecting the payment of taxes.

Chelan County Treasurer's Office
350 Orondo Ave,Suite 7
Wenatchee WA 98801
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    Chelan County Assessor Wes Cornelius invites property owners and all interested parties to attend one of four community meetings scheduled this spring throughout the county.

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