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Property Tax Summary Reports

In addition to determining the value of all real and personal property for tax purposes, the Assessor calculates and certifies levy rates for most taxing districts, assuring that the limits to the levy rates are not exceeded.  The Assessor compiles an assessment roll showing the assessed value of all taxable property and a tax roll indicating the amount of levies that are due from each owner under State statute.  We do this annually through our Property Tax Summary Reports.

The Property Tax Summary Reports are a good resource for property tax information such as the amount of taxes the districts will collect, the total assessed value for each district, the tax rate for each levy or tax code area (TCA) as well as other statistics about Chelan County that you may find helpful. The Reports are completed every year after tax rolls have been certified to the Treasurer's office in January.

Assessor Levy Books

Documents and Presentations

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    Jun 2024
    07:00 PM - 08:00 PM

    Assessor's Office Community Meeting: Chelan and Manson

    Posted by: Chelan County Assessor

    Chelan County Assessor Wes Cornelius invites property owners and all interested parties to attend one of four community meetings scheduled this spring throughout the county.

    Chelan City Hall