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The Current Planning Division is responsible for the administration and regulation of land development, comprehensive land use planning, environmental services, and the processing of land use permits by applying current Chelan County Codes, the Shoreline Master Program, county-adopted city codes for the Urban Growth Areas of Wenatchee, Cashmere, Chelan, Entiat & Leavenworth and other Washington State and US Federal laws.

The Division provides assistance to the public on questions regarding: land development; subdivision; land use and zoning; environmental applications; shoreline development; and provides technical support to the Planning Commission; Hearing Examiner; the Board of County Commissioners, and other agencies on a wide array of community development issues.

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Current Planning Forms & Applications


Current Planning Projects/Applications:

Mission Ridge - 2020 Application Material
Cover Letter
Project Narrative
Eco Sign Site Plan 
Draft Development Agreement
Revised SEPA Checklist
Appendix A Historical SEPA Information 
Appendix B Mission Ridge TIA
Appendix C - Cultural Resource (Confidential)

Appendix D Fire Protection Plan
Appendix E Aquatics, Wildlife, and Botany Resource Report

Appendix F Geologic Hazard Report
Appendix G Hydrology Memorandum
Appendix H Economic Significance Report 
Mission Ridge Expansion Transmittal
Mission Ridge EIS Scoping Comments
Mission Ridge EIS Scoping Status Summary(revised 09/21/2020)

Mission Ridge EIS Pre-submittal Conference Q&A responses (05/11/2021)

Chelan Co. PUD Electrical Transmission and Water Concepts (05/11/2021)

Mission Ridge related county resolutions:

Resolution 87-77 

Resolution 88-104

Resolution 95-152

Mission Ridge County Correspondence:

Chelan County SEPA Letter 08/17/2020

Mission Ridge - Comments Received (related to):
Energy and Natural Resources
Plants and Animals
Public Services and Utilities

Eagle Creek Subdivision
Eagle Creek Application
Eagle Creek SEPA Checklist


Wheeler Ridge

Preliminary Final MDNS (issued 11/10/2020)

Final Mitigated Determination of Non-Significance (December 30, 2020)

Supporting documents referenced in the MDNS:

  1. Forest Stewardship Plan
  2. Cultural Resource Overview
  3. Hydraulic and Field Water Quality Measurements
  4. Northern Spotted Owl Surveys
  5. Section 16 and 17 Road Geotechnical Considerations
  6. Prediciting Summer Elk Habitat Potential Section 17--V1
  7. Traffic Impacts study document
  8. Critical Area Report-Wildlife Habitat Mapping and Management Plan
  9. SEPA Enviornmental Checklist
  10. Stemilt-Squilchuck Landscape Evaluation Final Report
  11. Spotted Owl Habitat Survey-Section 16 Pipeline Easement
  12. Shiflett Elk Observations
  13. Prediciting Summer Elk Habitat Potential Seciton 17--V2
  14. Critical Area Report Wildlife Habitat Mapping and Management Plan
  15. Wetland Summary Report
  16. SEPA Environmental Checklist
  17. May 2020 Wetland Fieldwork Summary
  18. SEPA Checklist
  19. Section 17 Geological Hazard Assessment
  20. Section 17 follow-on geotechnical reconnaissance
  21. Wheeler Ridge Wetland Summary Report
  22. Road Systems Mitigation Assessment and Description Technical Memorandum
  23. Letter Re: Shockey Planning Group
  24. Steffens Meadow Restoration and Planting Plan
  25. Letter Re: CCC11.78.110 Habitat Management and Mitigation Plan 
  26. Figures 2019 (note on figure 2)
  27. Figures 2020


Historical SEPA documents:

Attachment A Critical Areas

Attachment B Cultural

Documents and Presentations

Attachment C Steffans Meadow Plan

Documents and Presentations

Attachment D WDFW DNS

Figure 2019

Documents and Presentations

Wheeler Ridge SEPA Checklist

Documents and Presentations

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