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Topic: Planning Commission Regular Meeting   Time: 6:30 p.m. on JUNE 26,2024

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A copy of the agenda is at the bottom of this page in the Documents and Presentations. Or request the agenda by email. Chelan County audio records Planning Commission meetings, which are accessible on this page shortly after the meeting occurs. If you need special accommodations to view the meetings while they take place, or listen to the recording afterward, contact us immediately at 509-667-6225 to set up a place for you to do so on the county campus.


The Chelan County Planning Commission is a nine-member citizen advisory body appointed by the Board of County Commissioners; three members from each commissioner district are appointed. The Planning Commission's primary function is to review recommendations regarding the Comprehensive Plan, related planning activities, and zoning regulations as assigned by the BOCC.

The Executive Secretary of the Planning Commission is the Director of Community Development or an appointee. Questions regarding the agenda or Planning Commission can be directed to Community Development Long Range Planning staff at 509-667-6225 or to


Public Meetings

Meetings are generally held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 6 or 7 p.m., as noted on the upcoming agenda, and located at 400 Douglas St., meeting room No. 1 in Wenatchee. Meetings are also available via Zoom. Public meetings during the months of November and December are often subject to change. The schedule is also available on the county's events calendar. Agendas are posted online 10 days prior to each meeting. 

All meetings are recorded with summary minutes reviewed and approved by the Planning Commission. Copies of recordings may be requested through the public records request form. Fees may apply.


Meeting Procedures

Before a meeting or hearing, citizens who wish to provide comment are encouraged to plan a presentation. This may include working with Community Development Long Range Planning staff to address questions prior to the presentation.

At the meeting or hearing, the Planning Commission Chair is opens the meeting/hearing for public comment. The chair may limit the length of the testimony.

When giving your testimony, approach the microphone and provide your name and address. Be sure to speak directly into the microphone, which is recording. Testimony or comments shall be:

  • Directed to the chair
  • Kept factual and on topic
  • Relevant and concise (not repetitive)
  • Respectful of others (no cheering, booing, applauding or talking with audience members)


Written Comments on Action Items 

When the Planning Commission has opened public commenting on an issue, comments may be submitted via email to or via mail to: 

Chelan County Community Development
Attn: Planning Commission Comments
316 Washington St., Suite 301
Wenatchee, WA 98801


Current Planning Commission Members

District 1 District 2 District 3
James W. Wiggs, term expires 12/31/28 Mike Sines, term expires 12/31/27 Jesse Redell (chair), term expires 12/31/28
Vicki Malloy, term expires 12/31/26 Cherie' Warren (vice chair), term expires 12/31/26 David Donovick, term expires 12/31/26
Ryan Kelso, term expires 12/31/24 Christopher Dye, term expires 12/31/24 Doug England, term expires 12/31/24


Opportunities for Appointment

Chelan County welcomes your interest in your community. If you are interested in being a Planning Commissioner, please complete this form. As appointments come available, a review of requests will be completed by the corresponding District Board Commissioner.

Planning Commission Archives

Documents and Presentations

 01 January 2024
   01 January 24 PC Agenda.pdf 197 KB
   January 24 PC - Agenda Packet.pdf 2252 KB
   January-24-Planning-Commission-Audio-and-Video-Recording.mp4 111860 KB
   January-24-Planning-Commission-Minutes - FINAL.pdf 168 KB
   January-24-Planning-Commission_Audio-Recording.mp4 35915 KB
 02 February 2024
   02 February 28 PC Agenda.pdf 127 KB
 03 March 2024
   03 March 27 PC - Agenda Packet.pdf 7413 KB
   03 March 27 PC Agenda.pdf 201 KB
   March-27-Planning-Commission-Audio-and-Video-Recording.mp4 334042 KB
   March-27-Planning-Commission-Minutes-FINAL.pdf 166 KB
   March-27-Planning-Commission_Audio-Recording.mp4 74696 KB
 04 April 2024
   04 - April 16 PC Agenda.pdf 162 KB
   04 April 16 PC Agenda Packet.pdf 8665 KB
   04 April 24 PC - Public Hearing Agenda Packet.pdf 12050 KB
   04 April 24 PC - Workshop Agenda Packet.pdf 9863 KB
   04 April 24 PC Agenda.pdf 201 KB
   April-16-Planning-Commission-Audio-and-Video-Recording.mp4 340397 KB
   April-16-Planning-Commission-Audio-Recording.mp4 116549 KB
   April-16-Planning-Commission-Minutes.pdf 165 KB
   April-24-Planning-Commission-Audio-and-Video-Recording.mp4 526983 KB
   April-24-Planning-Commission-Audio-Recording.mp4 97682 KB
   April-24-Planning-Commission-Minutes.pdf 95 KB
 05 May 2024
   05 May 22 OC Public Hearing Agenda Packet - ZTA 23-260 - Remanded Language updated.pdf 603 KB
   05 May 22 PC - Workshop Agenda Packet - 24-105 .pdf 9770 KB
   05 May 22 PC Agenda.pdf 202 KB
   May-22-Planning-Commission-Audio-and-Recording.mp4 127385 KB
   May-22-Planning-Commission-Audio-and-Video-Recording.mp4 460788 KB
   May-22-Planning-Commission-Minutes-with attachments.pdf 1626 KB
 06 June 2024
   06 June 26 PC - Agenda Packet - Hearing ZTA 23-260 .pdf 412 KB
   06 June 26 PC - Agenda Packet - ZTA 24-105 .pdf 11652 KB
   06 June 26 PC Agenda.pdf 201 KB
 07 July 2024
Folder is Empty.
 08 August 2024
Folder is Empty.
 09 September 2024
Folder is Empty.
 10 October 2024
Folder is Empty.
 11 November 2024
Folder is Empty.
 12 December 2024
Folder is Empty.

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    Planning Commission - June 26,2024

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