Regional Justice Center

Work Release Program

Programs / Services Guidelines

Call for an appointment within 72 hours of sentencing. It is YOUR responsibility to make the appointment that will allow you to start the program at the time specified by the sentencing court.  ** The application process may take 6 - 8 working days to complete.

Only individuals that have been sentenced and approved by the sentencing court(s) may apply for a program. All fees owed to the Chelan County Regional Justice Center must be paid in full before acceptance into any program.

If you have been sentenced from a county other than Chelan, you may still be eligible. Your court papers must state that you may serve your sentence in the Chelan County Regional Justice Center Alternative Programs.Higher program fees will be assessed.

Alternative Programs may be denied because of your criminal history, previous involvement in the program, jail classification, or risk assessment.

Work Release participants will receive all their medical care at this facility. If you are currently on a narcotic medication, please see your doctor at least 2 weeks before reporting into custody as narcotics are prohibited on this program.

Contact program staff for more information about Work Release and Electric Home Monitoring at: (509) 667-6615

Alternative Program Procedures

Call the office at 667-6615 within 72 hours after being approved by the court for: work release, electronic/satellite home monitoring, or school release to establish eligibility and costs. Your eligibility will depend on completing the urinalysis testing program, jail classification criteria, previous involvement in the program, and/or criminal history. The steps are as follows once program staff has reviewed the court paperwork:

  1. You need to make an appointment to be processed into the program. At the appointment you will need to bring
    • An employer affidavit, signed by your supervisor or employer.
    • An employment pay stub to verify wages showing an hourly rate of pay.
    • Prescription medication in the original containers with your name on them.
    • Driver information: name of driver, valid WA state driver’s license, vehicle registration/description, proof of insurance, and ignition interlock if required.
    • Bus rider: bus #, route, and schedule
    • An interpreter if you do not read/or write English
  2. Fees are to be paid at least one week in advance. Your account must be paid in full for us to notify the court that you have successfully completed the program.

Program Prerequisites

  • Business established prior to sentencing
  • Business must meet L&I criteria
  • Work schedule as arranged by staff
  • Must provide copy of business license
  • No Holiday Work

Forms / Affidavit: Work Release Agreement

School Release and Voc/Tech Training
  • Enrolled as a student
  • Provide class schedules and times
  • Complete course
  • No school sports programs
  • Hold no school offices
  • Sign release to obtain school records & attendance records.
  • Employment may be approved

Forms / Affidavit: School Release Agreement

Weekender Program
  • Minimum Sentence: 4 Days
  • Maximum Sentence: 15 Days
  • Approval from sentencing court(s).
  • Good time earned while on program.
  • No use of alcohol and/or drugs not prescribed by a physician when entering jail.
  • All weekend dates must be in succession unless noted by the facility.
  • W/E fees to remain paid in advance.
  • All past fees owed to the Chelan County Regional Justice Center must be paid in full.
  • Revocation from program results in completing the balance of the commitment immediately in the detention facility.
Electronic/Satellite Home Monitoring
  • No current domestic violence crimes or No Contact Order with domestic live in partner
  • Unemployment not acceptable
  • “Voluntary Permission To Search” form must be signed
  • No “Good Time” accrued
  • Electricity required.You may be required to have a land line telephone with No Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, or Answering Service

Program Fees & Guidelines for Work Release and EHM

  • Processing fee: $60.00
  • Booking Fee: $75.00
  • Work Release daily rate $20.00 per day
  • Electronic Home Monitoring daily rate $15.00 per day
  • Alcohol Monitoring $15.00 per day
  • Alcohol Monitoring with other program $25.00 per day
  • School Release rate. $15 per day
  • Booking and processing fees and the first week’s program fees are due at time of processing. Program fees are then due weekly.
  • Sentenced to a minimum of 7 days
  • Approved by Sentencing Court(s)
  • No history of Escape
  • Not a registered sex offender
  • Meet conditions of RCW 9.94A.734
  • Employment eligibility is based on L&I standards (no under-the-table wages)
  • Good time accrued on W/R only
  • Live and remain in Chelan/Douglas Counties
  • Narcotic medications not allowed on the Work Release Program.
  • Abstain from use of alcohol and all drugs unless prescribed by a Physician. (Marijuana use is NOT allowed)
  • Work Release must be employed

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Last Updated: 05/10/2017 04:07 PM

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