District Court Probation

Community Service

Have you been ordered to complete community service hours in lieu of going to jail?

There are a few things to consider before you begin your work in the community:

  • Make sure that the organization where you perform the work is a registered non-profit agency. Below you will find a few resources for finding a qualified organization.
  • Make sure that someone at the organization is tracking your hours.
  • Make sure that the person supervising your work is willing to write an official letter on the organization's letterhead to verify that you completed the hours.
  • Be a dependable and appropriate worker; take pride in the work you do!  Remember, you are in the community in lieu of being in jail.  Remember that an organization has every right to fire you/let you go as a volunteer, no matter how urgently you need to complete your community service. They are under no obligation to keep you -- especially if you have missed shifts, violated policies, etc.
  • Helping family, neighbors or friends with tasks (taking your grandmother to the grocery, cleaning your elderly neighbor's house, baby sitting your sister's kids, etc.) will NOT be accepted as your community service.
  • No double dipping!  If you receive credit for the same hours for some other agency or entity, you may not submit the hours to satisy your Chelan County community service obligation. 
  • If you are paid or compensated in any way for the hours you perform, you may not claim them for community service.
  • It is your responsibility to make prior arrangements with each organization where you wish to volunteer. They may require you to interview for a volunteer position.
  • Be sure to be completely truthful about the reason you are needing to do community service work.
  • Attitude is everything.  Be polite and show them that you are grateful for the opportunity.  Remember, work ethic matters as you may want to use this experience on your application for a future position with a different employer!

You may contact us or search this directory to verify that your orgainization is non-profit.

Verify the tax exempt status of an organization with this IRS tool.

Verify the nonprofit status of a Washington Corporation with this Washington Secretary of State search tool.

Posted: 03/31/2015 09:30 AM
Last Updated: 02/07/2019 08:46 AM

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