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Water Mitigation Program

Chelan County is implementing a Water Mitigation Program staring April 1, 2021 to protect senior surface water and groundwater water rights and to ensure water reliability for new domestic uses. This program ensures Chelan County is compliant with state law by making a determination that water is both physically and legally available when building permits are issued. Chelan County updated its County Code (Chapter 13.30) to establish this program.

This program applies to building permits that require a new water use within the Lake Chelan, Entiat River, and Wenatchee River Basins. To determine if your building permit is included in this program and requires a water mitigation certificate, refer to the information below.


  1. See flow chart to determine if a water mitigation certificate is needed
  2. See map that identifies where this program applies
  3. Water Mitigation Program Guidance Document: Step by step instructions on how to comply with this program.
  4. Water Mitigation Application Fill this out prior to submitting your building permit application. More information on the building permit application is available here.
  5. Fees will be paid at the time your water mitigation application is submitted to the Community Development Department. Checks should be paid to "Chelan County".
  6. Submit water mitigation application with fees to the Chelan County Community Development Department. Drop off in-person during business hours, or mail to: Chelan County Community Development, Attn: Water Mitigation Application, 316 Washington St., Suite 301, Wenatchee, WA 98801.



Application Type

Geographic Area


Water Mitigation Administration Wenatchee River, Entiat River, Lake Chelan Basins $1,000
Water Mitigation Lake Chelan Basin $1,000
Water Mitigation Upper Wenatchee River and all Tributary Sub-basins $1,000
Water Mitigation Lower Wenatchee River Basin $0
Water Mitigation Entiat River Basin $0
Water Mitigation Annual Assessment Wenatchee River, Entiat River, Lake Chelan River Basins $0
Excess Water Usage Agreement Wenatchee River, Entiat River, Lake Chelan River Basins $0



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