Capital Projects

Scheduled for or Under Construction

CRP 715 Yodelin Restoration Project (Spring 2019)

SD 2015 No. 1 Canyon Conveyance (Fall 2018)

CRP 723 Recessed Pavement Markers on Chumstick Highway (Fall 2018)

CRP 720 & 721 Countywide Striping and Curve Warning Signs Installation (Summer 2019)

CRP 703 Eagle Creek Road, Phase II (Completed)

CRP 711 School Street Mid-Block Crossing (Completed)

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CRP 715 Yodelin Restoration Project

  • (We have no projects out for bid at this time. Watch the Bidding Opportunities page for details on future calls for bids.)

In Design or Planning

CRP 672 Motteler Bridge Rehabilitation

CRP 647 West Malaga Road Intersections

CRP 693 West Cashmere Bridge Replacement

CRP 702 Wenatchee Heights Road

CRP 695 Chelan County Roadway Safety Plan

CRP 722 High Street Drainage Project

FCD 503 Slide Ridge Culvert Replacement Project