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Current Restrictions:

Current List of Road & Bridge Restrictions in Chelan County  (Updated 12:30 p.m. on April 23)


Frequently Asked Questions

Snowmelt and runoff can soften roadways, potentially leading to costly damages. Temporary weight restrictions are put in place annually to protect the roadways from damage. (Typically, weight restrictions are posted in late winter/early spring and can run into June.)

Emergency vehicles, school buses or vehicles with a gross weight of 34,000 pounds or less are exempt. All other vehicles must possess a special county permit.

Haulers are reminded that permit applications must be in by 10 a.m. Monday through Thursday for approval the following day. (If you need a permit on a Monday, the application must be in by 10 a.m. the previous Thursday.) Freight haulers who do not have a permit to travel on a weight-restricted road risk a fine and the cost of damages for any road repairs. Display the permit in the lower right-hand corner of your vehicle's windshield.

To keep up on seasonal weight restrictions and roads that are under weight restrictions, watch the above Current Restrictions information, where the list of restricted roads and an interactive map are updated routinely.

The county allows ATVs/ORVs on all county roads posted for 35 mph or less, unless a road has been exempted. (Downie Road is exempted.) Vehicles must obey the speed limit. There is an online map for ATV/ORV roads. More details, including a list of the roads open to ATVs and ORVs, are in County Code Chapter 9.38.

The list of roads open to snowmobile traffic annually from Nov. 15 through March 15 are listed in County Code Chapter 9.40. Oklahoma Gulch Road near Entiat is permanently closed to snowmobile traffic. 

During the winter, the recurring periods of freezing and thawing can damage unpaved portions of county roads. Roads also may need to be closed to protect wintering herds of mule deer. The county temporarily closes three roads annually to general traffic for these two reasons (County Code Chapter 8.34). They are:

  • Horse Lake Road in Wenatchee (milepost 1.00 to 3.49): Closed Dec. 1 through April 1
  • Oklahoma Gulch Road near Entiat (milepost 0 to 3.95): Closed Dec. 1 through April 1
  • Burch Mountain Road in Wenatchee (milepost 1.12 to 7.48): Closed Feb. 15 through March 31

During wildfire season, county commissioners can designate an area in the county as a fire hazard area. That means restrictions have been put on travel and activities in that area. The restrictions are based on the level of fire danger that’s posted: moderate, high, very high or extreme. The road sign will say what level of restriction is in place. Chelan County Code Chapter 7.52 goes into detail about the restrictions. In relation to the travel restrictions (Chapter 7.52.030), they are:

MODERATE: Drivers cannot operate any motor vehicle, including ATVs and ORVs, off a county roadway.

HIGH AND VERY HIGH: Includes Moderate Restrictions and also restricts travel on a county road, except for the following:

                              Residents living on the roadway and their guests or visitors

                              Landowners and leaseholders accessing land to perform work to protect property

                              Authorized and official business (deliveries, utility work, etc.)

                              People using the roadway to access open public lands for recreation

EXTREME: Includes Moderate, High and Very High restrictions. In addition, barricades are placed at the intersection of some county roads to alert residents to the conditions. The impacted roads will be listed on this webpage under Current Restrictions. The road is open to local access only.  That means it is open to:

                 Residents living on the roadway and their guests or visitors

                              Landowners and leaseholders accessing land to perform work to protect property

                              Authorized and official business (deliveries, utility work, etc.)

                              People using the roadway to access open public lands for recreation

For activity restrictions, including outdoor fires, visit Chelan County Code Chapter 7.52.040.

Chelan County has five railroad underpasses. They are located in the Leavenworth and Peshastin area. They are:

Chumstick Highway (milepost 1.83, north of Freund Canyon Road): 15 feet, 3 inches

Chumstick Highway (milepost 6.22, north of Clark Canyon Road): 14 feet, 2 inches

Chumstick Highway (milepost 8.30, south of Merry Canyon Road): 18 feet, 3 inches

Main Street in Peshastin (milepost 4.11): 15 feet, 1 inch

North Road (milepost 0.30): 14 feet, 1 inch

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Last Updated: 04/23/2024 01:16 PM

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