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Board adopts guiding plan for Flood Control Zone District

Posted By: Public Works on November 22, 2017

The Board of Supervisors of the Chelan County Flood Control Zone District recently adopted its Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan and Financial Policies, which will guide the future direction of the fledgling district.

“The management plan not only provides guidance for the district, but it also sets the district’s priorities,” said Eric Pierson, FCZD administrator. “The plan determines how to identify sustainable, cost-effective actions in an attempt to mitigate the impacts from flood hazards to our communities.”

The management plan, passed on Nov. 13, will now be submitted for pre-adoption review and comment to the Insurance Services Office of the Federal Emergency Management Administration.  Chelan County commissioners serve as the Board of Supervisors of the FCZD, which was formed in 2014.

A 15-member steering committee was assembled to oversee the development of the plan. The committee, which met monthly for a year, represented agencies at the local, state and federal levels as well as local citizens.

“This truly was a county-wide effort, with input received from a variety of stakeholders,” Pierson said. “As a result, the plan reflects that holistic effort.”

The management plan is a necessary step in applying to the National Flood Insurance Program's Community Rating System, or CRS. The CRS recognizes community efforts beyond National Flood Insurance Program minimum standards by reducing flood insurance premiums for a community's property owners.

“The passage of the management plan opens the door to the CRS program,” Pierson said. “To be able to earn reduced flood insurance premiums for our community is a key goal of the district.”

The management plan is available on the FCZD website.