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CRDTF Arrest

Posted By: Sheriff's Office on February 21, 2019

The Columbia River Drug Task Force would like to announce that James T. McGuire, a 39 year old East Wenatchee resident, recently plead guilty to one count of Possession with Intent to Distribute 50 grams or more of actual Methamphetamine in the United States District Court of Eastern Washington.  McGuire was originally Federally indicted on 3 counts of Drug Distribution on October 17th, 2017.  Mr. McGuire plead guilty to 1 of the 3 counts and was sentenced to 120 months at Yankton Federal Prison Camp in Yankton, South Dakota on February 14th 2019.

The Columbia River Drug Task Force started an investigation in April of 2017 on McGuire after learning from different intelligence sources that McGuire was back in the Wenatchee Valley and was dealing large amounts of methamphetamine and heroin while being on DOC probation.  McGuire had previously gone to prison from an earlier CRDTF case from 2011 when we was arrested in possession of 2 firearms and over 500 opiate based prescription pills so the CRDTF was familiar with McGuire’s history as a drug dealer. 

This investigation in 2017 led to search warrants in both East Wenatchee and Wenatchee. Over a half pound of methamphetamine and heroin were recovered along with over $20,000 in cash.   At the time this was one of the largest cash seizures in CRDTF history. The Columbia River Drug Task Force would like to thank and acknowledge the great partnership with the Drug Enforcement Administration and the AUSA Office out of Spokane, WA for adopting this case and prosecuting it the Federal level. 

The Columbia River Drug Task Force works diligently to protect our community from illegal narcotics.  We believe cases like this do make a significant impact on our community and sends the message to drug dealers in our area that drug distribution in our area will not go unpunished. 

The Columbia River Drug Task Force is comprised of Detectives from Chelan County Sheriff’s Office, Wenatchee Police Department, East Wenatchee Police Department, and Washington State Patrol.  The Chelan County Sheriff’s Office is the lead agency also supplying a Sergeant and an Analyst.