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In general, those vessels with a motor of 10 horsepower or less, less than 16 feet in overall length, and used solely on nonfederal waters are not required to be titled or registered. You may still elect to obtain a title in order to readily prove ownership and facilitate transfer upon future sale.

An important note about Vessel renewal notices – all vessel registration/decals expire June 30th of each year. The DOL has discontinued mailing reminder notices for boats because they all expire the same day. They do, however, send out email reminders for those who sign up at . Renewals can be done  online or in an office, and you will need to know your vessel's 'WN' number to proceed.

New Federal HIN Requirements Require New Titles for Some – Washington State vessels are now required to comply with the new Federal hull identification (HIN) format. For vessels whose HIN doesn’t comply, a new title must be generated prior to most other transaction activity, including renewals. There will be no fee charged for the new title. You won’t be required to bring us the current title, though it will become invalid upon creation of the new title.


New Vessels need the following to license and title

  1. Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin
  2. Proof of purchase price
  3. Proof of sales tax paid (if applicable)

Used Washington Vessels need the following to transfer license and title

  1. Washington State Title
  2. Proof of price paid
  3. Proof of sales tax paid (if applicable)

Vessels coming in from out-of-state need the following to license and title

  1. Out of state title
  2. If you have a lien holder who is holding your title you will need a copy of the title and the current registration

Mandatory Boater Education!

Required for all boaters born 1955 and later. Please visit the State Parks page for requirement details and upcoming classes. Classes are free.



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