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Property and mortgage fraud can occur when fraudulent deeds are recorded, making it appear as though the property ownership has been transferred. These fraudulent recordings might go undetected if the true property owner doesn’t periodically check the Auditor recordings. As the property owner, you are in the best position to recognize when a document has been fraudulently recorded using your name. 

The Chelan County Auditor offers you a free Recording Notification service that will send an email alert anytime a document is recorded with any of the (up to 5) names you have registered.

We cannot prevent fraudulent documents from being recorded, but with an alert from our Notification Service, you can detect fraud early and get law enforcement involved promptly.

Sign up for free Recording Notification Service

The Chelan County Auditor is compelled by statute to record all properly formatted documents. The Auditor has no authority to refuse to record a properly prepared document accompanied by the appropriate fee.

This is a service offered free of charge by the Chelan County Auditor that enables you to be notified whenever a document with your name is recorded with the Auditor.

You can register up to 5 versions of your name, and from that date of registration forward you will receive an email alert each time a document having a matching name is recorded. If you have a common name, then you may receive multiple alerts as documents are recorded for others having the same name.

Using the link provided above, register up to 5 names. You can return to the registration page at any time to either update the search names or unsubscribe.

If you have variations in the way your name might appear, you should enter each variation separately. The service will only send an alert when a name you added to your list perfectly matches a name on a recorded document.

Instances where you would want to include multiple versions include the following:

  • With/without your middle name
  • Formal name/informal nickname (such as James and Jim)
  • When your middle name is used as first name. There will be formal documents that list your legal first-middle-last name.

Be sure to follow through on the email verification step at the end. Your subscription will not be activated unless that is completed.

Nothing. Every time a document records with a name you subscribed, you will get a notification, even when the document pertains to another individual. The document will contain clues you can use to determine whether this document applies to you or someone else with the same name. For instance, you can compare the legal description listed on the document with your own property legal description.

No, this service alerts subscribers only to activity among records recorded with the Chelan County Auditor.

You will be given a link to the document image, providing you with the opportunity to examine the document and determine whether it affects you or your property. If the unknown document appears to describe your property and you suspect fraud, contact law enforcement and/or an attorney.

There are several legitimate reasons an unknown document might record with your name and the legal description of your property. If you have recently refinanced your mortgage, for instance, up to 3 new documents are recorded as the old loan is released and the new loan is recorded. If you are unsure of a document’s purpose, please call us at 509-667-6815 and provide us with the Auditor File Number (AFN) listed on your alert.

Contact your attorney and/or law enforcement promptly. The Chelan County Auditor cannot take legal action on your behalf to reverse fraudulent activity.

A document cannot be removed from the official records unless the Auditor is presented with a court order. Citizens are urged to promptly contact an attorney and/or law enforcement when fraud is suspected.

When registering for the Notification services, it is important to complete your registration using the validation link sent during registration. Your registration may not have had a chance to finalize. Try registering once again.

Yes, your registration is subject to Washington public records law.

Posted: 10/20/2020 08:36 AM
Last Updated: 12/09/2020 04:18 PM

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