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Recording Downloads

The forms available here are limited to recording department research aids and in-house forms.

If you are looking for a template form for a document that you need to record, they can be found at most office supply stores or online. Just be certain to use only those forms that conform to the Washington State Guidelines for Document Recording.


Recording Department Forms

  • Cover Page: Use this form to either correct margin or information shortcomings of the document's first page, or to provide an opportunity for additional clarity. Please add $1 to the recording fee to cover the cost of recording an additional page.
  • DNR Survey Checklist: Guidelines for recording surveys or any type of map.
  • Document Codes: A research aid that indicates the document code used and grantor/grantee information for a variety of document titles.
  • Searching the Historic Index: Tips for using the historic index to search older records.
  • Short Plat Numbers: Yields recording book/page information for a given short plat number.
  • Web Image Removal Request: Submit this form to remove the website image of documents containing Social Security number, mother's maiden name, or driver license number


Research Tools

The WA State Department of health took over the collection of birth and death records in 1907, but we do have a few births and deaths listed from the brief time before that.
Birth records 1900-1907, index,
Death Records 1900-1907, index


Veteran's Forms

Please visit our Military Discharge Recordings page for a more comprehensive description of the purpose and use of these forms.

VET 1: Request for Exemption from Public Disclosure of Discharge Papers

This form is used by veterans whose discharge papers were recorded prior to 1/27/1997, and would like to prohibit public access to their record. The fee to record this form is $7.00.

VET 2: Request for Disclosure of Discharge Papers

Veterans who recorded their discharge papers 1/27/97 or later may use this form to grant access to their records to named individuals other than those automatically eligible per the legislation. There is no fee to record this form.

VET 3: Revocation and Re-Designation of Disclosure of Discharge Papers

Those who wish to revoke the privilege of access for a named designee may do so using this form. There is no fee to record this form.

VET 4: Request for Access/ Copy of Exempt Discharge Papers

This form must be completed and signed by those requesting access to an exempt record.


Need Help?

The forms will ask for the recording information assigned to your discharge when you brought it here for recording. If you don’t know this number, please email or phone us at 509-667-6815 and we will look it up for you.


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