Special Topics in Titling

Inheriting a Vehicle

When inheriting a vehicle, use this chart to determine the documentation required for transferring the title:

Action taken with assets Documents needed for new title application
Legal Action (administered probated, court ordered) Certified letter of testamentary, Or Letter of administration Or Certificate of County Clerk TD420-041
"Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship" appears on the vehicle record and title Certified copy of DEATH CERTIFICATE
Community Property Agreement Certified copy of DEATH CERTIFICATE, and Copy of community property agreement
Estate not administered Certified copy of DEATH CERTIFICATE, and Affidavit of Inheritance (release of interest if required) Or Affidavit of Succession (optional) if the estate is under $60,000

Gifting a Vehicle

Vehicles are eligible for gifting as long as the current owner did not receive the vehicle in the same manner. When signing the title over, enter the word 'gift' as the sales price.

Sales tax on the retail value of the vehicle may be due on the transaction. If the person gifting the vehicle is from a state or province that collects sales tax and if they have owned the vehicle 7 or more years, then tax is not due when both are sufficiently documented. Use tax will be collected, however, when the vehicle is coming from a state or province that does not charge sales or use tax

Adding or Deleting a Registered Owner

Wheeled All-Terrain Vehicles (WATV)

Mobile Homes

The DOL website has detailed information for many other topics in titling.