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Licensing Fees

Motor Vehicle Sales/Use Tax Rates for Chelan County:

Vehicle = Percent of purchase price*

Wenatchee 9.0%
Leavenworth 8.7%
Rest of Chelan County 8.6%

Vessels and non-motorized items = Percent of purchase price*

Wenatchee 8.7%
Leavenworth 8.5%
Rest of Chelan County 8.3%

*Purchase price must roughly correspond to values supplied to us by the Department of Revenue. These amounts can be estimated by visiting a website specializing in vehicle pricing and entering your vehicle's data. The retail value should be used as an equivalent, not the trade-in value. Print out the site's estimate and bring it along when transferring your vehicle.

If your purchase price is lower due to vehicle condition, the buyer and seller must complete and sign a 'Declaration of Buyer and Seller Regarding Value of Used Vehicle Sold'

Basic fee structure

Licensing fees are set at the state level, by the legislature. The following elements form the basis of renewal fee calculation:

  • Location – Taxes and fees change as addresses cross the boundaries of city, county, or other districts. The registered owner’s primary home address should be listed as the primary (rating) address for each of their vehicles.  The primary address is separate from the mailing address, which is not used for rating. The mailing address will receive renewal reminders or other Department of Licensing correspondence. 
  • Weight – All vehicles are assigned a weight class, even motorcycles. The weight classes are an attempt to base the renewal fee structure on a vehicle's expected wear and tear to our roads.

Fees charged at a licensing subagent office are the same amount as those charged by county offices.

Visit the DOL site for additional information, including the following topics:

  • Detailed fee listing, including associated statutory authority
  • Calculate your renewal tab fee


Request for fee estimate

To obtain an estimate of taxes and fees for a transfer, please email us the following information:

  1. Completed DOL title application
  2. The title, front and back
  3. Purchase Agreement
  4. Any other transaction paperwork

A quote for transfer and registration fees can be built based on the specifics contained in the above forms. If all you need is a ballpark figure, we will not need to see the forms listed above, but we will need to know key information such as purchase price and vehicle make/model/trim, your address, etc. Please include a phone number with your request.

***Please be advised that when provided with incomplete information, we may calculate a quote that turns out to be significantly different than what we calculate later when working with data from the actual paperwork.

Faxing works just as well or better. Please fax us all the pertinent paperwork and sales agreements: 509.667.6825


Posted: 12/15/2014 02:59 PM
Last Updated: 01/17/2023 04:22 PM

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