Financial Services

The Financial Services section of Chelan County Auditor's Office provides financial, accounting, payroll and expenditure services for County departments, agencies and the public. We provide assistance to those departments and offices in the compliance of financial requirements set by various national, state and local regulatory agencies. Financial Services also acts as a resource for addressing departmental accounting needs and questions

Accounts Payable Accounts

Accounts Payable pays  invoices for Chelan County and local districts. This function processes 20,000  warrants for Chelan County and local districts each year, totaling over $65  million in annual payments. Every invoice submitted to Chelan County is reviewed  by the County Auditor for compliance with county resolutions, state law, and  budget authority before they go to the Board of County Commissioners for  approval of payment. Once approved by the Board, the County Auditor issues  payment by warrant. The County Auditor also issues warrants for many of the  local districts in Chelan County such as the fire districts, water districts,  irrigation districts, etc. Payments for these districts are reviewed by the  individual district boards.


Payroll processes  payroll and benefits for Chelan County employees and local districts. The  County Auditor processes over 3,000 warrants and over 9,000 direct deposits  each year for Chelan County and local districts, totaling over $23 million  annually.

Financial Reporting

The Annual Financial Report is prepared annually by the end of May of the following year. This is then sent to the state auditor for the annual audit of Chelan County. It is required by law and is public information. Other reports the Financial Services Division issue are IRS Forms 1099, W-2, and 941, and Quarterly Compensating Tax, L&I, and Employment Security Reports.